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Yazawa Meat, a Fancy Japanese Tabletop Barbecue Headed to Beverly Hills

The chainlet has locations in Japan, Singapore, and Milan.

Yazawa's exterior, Beverly Hills
Yazawa's exterior, Beverly Hills

The former Bierbeisl is fast becoming a swanky new concept that's just perfect for Beverly Hills: a high end Japanese yakiniku called Yazawareports Toddrickallen. Although the Westside rover reporter isn't 100% certain that the place will become the high end yakiniku specialist from Japan, everything from the signage to the ABC signee points to Yazawa Meat as the eventual operator.

The space is currently undergoing an interior update, with a full liquor license headed to the rather diminutive restaurant. Yazawa features a splendid array of high end Japanese meats (though this version may just well incorporate some American beef as well) cooked right at the tableside, much like Korean barbecue. Will Yazawa finally give the secretive Totoraku, which is an invite-only restaurant along a former teriyaki shop on Pico, a run for its money? At least this 90210 spot will operate with some legitimacy. No word on the opening date at the moment.

9669 Santa Monica Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA

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