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In-N-Out Burger Flipper Disables Car, Attempts to Murder Boss in Parking Lot

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One LA employee just couldn't take it anymore.

An In-N-Out in Anaheim
An In-N-Out in Anaheim

A disgruntled Glendale In-N-Out employee went for a true double-double against his former boss earlier this week, disabling the man’s car by putting sugar in the gas tank and hiding out with a few loaded guns in what police are calling an armed ambush.

NBC Los Angeles has some on-the-scene details of the emerging incident, which took place around 2 a.m. Monday morning. The alleged attacker, Eric Bloss, was a recent UC Berkeley college graduate whose former roommate says had become disillusioned with his work flipping burgers, and believed that his manager at the Glendale In-N-Out was reprimanding him unfairly.

And with all that pressure to perform, what with the new competing Shake Shack coming soon, it seems the work environment became too much for Bloss. At some point, the 23-year old hatched the self-styled revenge plot against his former manager.

The "imminent" attack, as described by police, was foiled when a passerby spotted Bloss tampering with a car in the parking lot (this was the cartoonishly villainous Phase One: Sugar In The Gas Tank step). That witness tipped off the right people, and Bloss was found not long after (Phase Two: Hide With Guns) waiting for the In-N-Out manager to head for his car after a long shift. Thankfully, the entire plot fell apart before anyone was hurt.

NBC Los Angeles says the suspect Eric Bloss, an Eagle Rock native, is currently being held on $250,000 bail in an LA County jail, where it’s hard to imagine the food is as good as In-N-Out's.

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