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North African Pop-Up Taco Chef Farid Zadi Goes Permanent With Three Upcoming Locations

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The first one launches this weekend.

Serving up Revolutionario Tacos
Serving up Revolutionario Tacos

Noted North African chef Farid Zadi is taking his Revolutionario pop-up taco concept permanent. The longtime run-and-gun restaurant operator has been working out of spaces like Blank Kitchen in Koreatown (and had plans fall through for The Medallion in Downtown), building up a loyal fan base for his unique brand of Algerian and North African fusion cuisine. Now he’ll look to transfer that loyalty into a few different full-time locations.

Though Zadi can’t say exactly where all of those locations will hit just yet, the neighborhoods are clear. One outpost of Revolutionario will be in Koreatown, near the Blank Kitchen space that has worked so well for the chef. And a second, opening around the same time, is slated for Inglewood, right near the intersection of La Brea and Florence in a former Mexican restaurant.

The good news is, both locations already have culinary histories and thus won’t require an extensive build-out or permitting process. As such, Zadi hopes for fall openings in both Inglewood and Koreatown, where he and his team will be able to let customers enjoy his unique fusion cuisine, which was one of Eater’s taco highlights in 2014, in a more comfortable environment.

In the meantime, you can catch the Revolutionario crew doing a pop-up on May 30 from 5 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. at their first permanent location in the former Vegisoul space near Exposition Park, located at 1436 West Jefferson Blvd.

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