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Alma Pivots to More Affordable Weekday A La Carte Menu in Downtown

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Ari Taymor had previously offered a four-course market menu, but now has a 16 item a la carte bill of fare.

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Alma Downtown
Alma Downtown
Elizabeth Daniels

Ari Taymor knew that it was time to switch things up during the week days. Previously, the Alma chef had offered a relatively affordable 4-course market menu from Tuesday to Thursday evenings, but the Downtown locals hadn't really picked up on it. So Taymor is back to offering a full a la carte menu (which is shown below) from Tuesday to Thursday. He's retaining the full nine-course tasting menu every day of the week, and exclusively on Fridays and Saturdays.

Some highlights on the new a la carte menu, which prices snacks from $7 to $15, including just $7 for the famous seaweed and tofu beignets. A bit of beer & rye bread with cultured butter starts a meal off for just $6. The middle courses run $10 to $16, making it totally possible to drop by, have a glass of wine and some snacks for under $40.

The mains run $16 to $32, with a swell carrots, peaches, and vadouvan dish or a more substantial stew of cod and favas helming this section. The carpenter's pigeon, which still sits on the tasting menu, runs $32. There's also a small desserts section if you just want to pop in for snacks and dessert before hitting a show at Staples or elsewhere in Downtown. While the overall check average might not be lower than $50, at least patrons will have the option to tailor their meals.

Alma A La Carte Market Menu

Alma at the Standard

8300 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, CA 90069 323-822-3131

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