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Manhattan Beach Favorite Simmzy's Debuting Venice Outlet in Mid-July

It'll be right at the end of Washington Blvd.

Simmzy's Manhattan Beach
Simmzy's Manhattan Beach
Stan Lee
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The little beachy cul de sac at the end of Washington Blvd is adding another reliably good eatery in Simmzy's, which has a ultra-popular spot in Manhattan Beach and recently debuted a location in Burbank. With an opening slated for Mid-July look for the beer and burger purveyor to offer precisely the same menu that it does in South Bay, with solid salads and small bites like shrimp toast, to heartier burgers and a barbecue chicken sandwich.

The craft beer selections will likely rotate like it does at the current outlets, though expect a pretty heavy SoCal influence on the listing. Simmzy's Venice spot takes over an old retail slot, adding to the likes of The Venice Whaler and C&O Trattoria on the block. Simmzy's is part of the Simms Restaurant group, which does M.B. Post, Fishing With Dynamite, Tin Roof Bistro, and the just-about-to-open The Arthur J steakhouse.