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This Is Your Last Weekend To Enjoy Bar 107 Forever

A decade's worth of fans will be there showing some suport.

Fans at Bar 107
Fans at Bar 107
Bar 107

The Downtown construction boom has been a windfall for lots of landowners in the once less-than-ideal neighborhood, but it has also forced the undue shutter of lots of mom and pop operations and dive bar classics. Case in point: Bar 107, which is throwing one long, final party this weekend.

Not that the news should be a big surprise. Bar 107’s days as one of the last great dive bars in Downtown have been numbered for a while, and just over a month ago word spread that the outlandish party spot on 4th Street was hitting the burn pile thanks to an unresolved lease dispute.

Longtime fans of the off-kilter band nights and wealth of velvet paintings have been pumping Bar 107’s Facebook page with well-wishes and memories over the past few weeks, and things are sure to only intensify prior to the June 1 shutdown. That’s also true for the party scene happening at the crusty spot with the keyhole door — expect massive crowds to hit the dance floor and try to sell out of all the PBR in the world by Saturday night. Of course, if you're a real pro, you'll get down there at 6 a.m. to start the party, right when they open their doors.

According to some well-placed source, the decade-old bar owned by Vee Delgadillo is in for a scrub-up, as the Barclay Building owners hope to turn the space into their very own drinking spot — with upscale prices to match. So, for the foreseeable future at least, it’s so long to Bar 107, a Downtown drinking legend.

Bar 107

107 W 4th St, Los Angeles, CA 90013 (213) 625-7382

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