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Jonathan Gold Eats Georgian Dumplings At Tumanyan Khinkali Factory in Glendale

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Tumanyan Khinkali Factory
Tumanyan Khinkali Factory
Tumanyan Khinkali Factory

This week, Jonathan Gold munches on the lesser-known soup dumpling, Georgian khinkali, at Tumanyan Khinkali Factory in Glendale. Although the Din Tai Fun-esque morsels are certainly the restaurant's specialty, the majority of the dishes lean Armenian, with the Goldster making special note of the lentil kofta and bulgar salad. Ultimately though, it's all about those terrific dumplings:

But really, you're there for the beef khinkali, $2.50 a pop, hellfire hot, served as plentifully or as sparingly as you'd like on a big footed tray. They are served with sour cream and foil-wrapped pats of butter, which they don't need, and with a few grinds of pepper, which they do. You'll probably want some vodka too. And then you grab one by its knob, which will be the only part cool enough to touch, you bite off a bit of the top and suck down the boiling juice, and you finish the rest in one or two glorious, meaty bites. [LAT]


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Tumanyan Khinkali Factory

113 N Maryland Ave, Glendale, CA 91206

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