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Malibu Farm Takes Over Malibu Pier Restaurant as Chef Jason Fullilove Departs

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There will be eggs from Henderson's own Malibu ranch at Malibu Pier.

Malibu Pier Restaurant
Malibu Pier Restaurant
Elizabeth Daniels

Less than two years after affable Malibu rancher Helene Henderson brought her own farm-to-table pop-up Malibu Farm to the end of the pier, thereby replacing the lamentable Ruby's, she has expanded by buying up the opposing Malibu Pier Restaurant.

Malibu Pier Restaurant opened a year ago from Lark Creek, and had Patina veteran Jason Fullilove helming the kitchen. Lark Creek, a restaurant group touting "seasonal, sustainable, and farm fresh" cuisine, seemed to be the perfect fit for Henderson, who started down her culinary path by hosting farm dinners around the 'Bu featuring vegetables and eggs from her very own 2-acre ranch (Henderson also keeps goats on the ranch).

Malibu Pier, with its chic dining room and well-rounded menu, offered a view only bested by Malibu Farm. Now, with restaurants sitting at both ends of the Pier, Henderson has become the queen of the pier, as well as her tribe of goats on the Malibu farm.

In the short time it's been open, Malibu Farm has become the de rigueur breakfast and lunch spot on the pier, gaining audiences of both Malibu stars and tourists alike. With the Pier Restaurant's full wine and cocktail program, Henderson is now able to offer dawn-to-dust dining options to go with that terrific view.

In the meantime, Fullilove's last day at the Pier Restaurant was last Sunday, beginning a a month-long sabbatical. The departure, according to the chef, was amicable and the chef is looking forward to opening his own project shortly. As for the Pier restaurant, look for eggs from Henderson's chicken coop to appear in the very near future.

Malibu Pier Restaurant & Bar

23000 Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu, CA 90265 (310) 456-8820