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UberFRESH Rebrands to UberEATS Just in Time to Expand Like Crazy

Total domination is on its way.

Paninoteca at Scarpetta
Paninoteca at Scarpetta
Matthew Kang

After a bit of a rebrand, UberFRESH has decided to become the much more on-the-nose UberEATS, and it looks like the growing food delivery service is ready to make an even bigger push into the Los Angeles landscape.

Back in November, the roll-out included Beverly Hills and West Hollywood, with the traditional black car service picking up a narrow menu of options from popular local restaurants and hand-delivering them right to your doorstep. First up was Fundamental LA, with their well-known fried chicken sandwich, and Bludso’s, which was sending out brisket sandwiches with a side of mac & cheese.

Since then, the now UberEATS (they switched names at the end of April) has expanded from their two opening locations in L.A. and Barcelona to parts of New York City and Chicago. Locally, they’ve expanded not only their hours to include lunch as well as brunch and dinner, but also their coverage area, which is separated into east and west zones with La Cienega as the demarcation. Now anyone from Santa Monica to Chinatown can UberEATS themselves a meal.

As for the growing menu, it still includes pre-set options from a rotation of great local spots, but there are even more choices than before. This week alone, it’s possible to enjoy lunch from Paninoteca at Scarpetta or even Bay Cities, then grab dinner from Larchmont Bungalow. You can even do chocolate chip pancakes from Canter’s for brunch if you want — all depending on where you're getting the food delivered, of course.

it’s been interesting to watch the rise of food delivery apps and services over the past year or two, as Los Angeles continues to realize that sitting in traffic sucks and they’d rather pay someone else to do it. With UberEATS already installed inside of the regular Uber app, they may have the best chance for sustainability and continued growth in a market that is absolutely blowing up right now.

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