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Pok Pok Chinatown Staffing Up In Hopes of Early Summer Debut

It's almost here.

Andy Ricker
Andy Ricker
Dina Avila

Andy Ricker’s long-awaited full Pok Pok LA build-out is almost ready to commence in Chinatown. The massive 6000 square foot spot for all manner of Thai dishes, including those addictive fish sauce wings, should be landing in early summer at the latest.

As if right on time, the Portland transplant is beginning to staff up. This Craigslist posting points to an open position for a kitchen manager inside the two-story 200 seater, so if you think you’ve got the skills, go ahead and submit. Of course, they’re looking for someone with "extensive restaurant management experience in high volume, high quality establishments," so be prepared.

Hopefully the rest of the pieces are also starting to fall into place over at Pok Pok LA so that the city can finally realize Andy Ricker’s Thai food prowess, beyond his simple Phat Thai takeaway spot.

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