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Los Angeles Won Exactly Zero James Beard Awards Last Night

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Guelaguetza brought home their "America's Classics" award, which was announced months ago.

Lyric Opera House, Chicago
Lyric Opera House, Chicago
Matthew Kang
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L.A. earned the big donut last night, after its slate of nominees were completely shut out of the James Beard Awards. Many chefs were on site to receive potential awards, including Ari Taymor, who was nominated as Rising Star chef, as well as chefs Ludo Lefebvre, Jon Shook, and Vinny Dotolo.

Michael Cimarusti of Providence, who was nominated as Best Chef: West, was also on-site to receive a potential award. Dahlia Narvaez, who's been nominated multiple times as Mozza's pastry chef had to go up against eventual winner Christina Tosi. Finally, Suzanne Goin of Lucques and AOC, who had even received Eater's endorsement, lost out against Gramercy Tavern's Michael Anthony.

LA represents, NOT!!! Time to party @jonshook @animalvinny #wetried @dior

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But no single Los Angeles chef or restaurant was given an award last night at the awards in Chicago's Lyric Opera House. The only exception was Guelaguetza, who had been designated as an America's Classic back in February.

For a live blog recounting of the evening, go here, or for the full lineup of winners, most of whom hail from San Francisco, Chicago, and New York, click here.

Perhaps something needs to change when the second largest city, and one of the country's most dynamic food scenes, gets completely shut out of the biggest culinary awards show. Is it because the voting system is broken, or because some of the nominees that we're sending just aren't as fresh or talked about as the ones from other cities? Be disappointed L.A., and expect better.