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Loco'l Lands First Celebrity Endorsement With Dilated Peoples

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An interesting idea from Roy Choi and Daniel Patterson.

Well here’s a humorous tidbit unearthed from a recent Paper Magazine interview with Roy Choi and Daniel Patterson, who have teamed up to bring fast food game-changer Loco’l to the masses: they’re going to do sponsorships.

In a meandering interview with Questlove from The Roots, of all people, Choi and Patterson lay out everything from philosophy to money to the future of Loco’l, peppering in a tidbit towards the end about actually having what amounts to brand ambassadors. "Alchemist and Evidence from Dilated Peoples, they’re going to be our first celebrity endorsement," says Choi. "You know how Subway has Apolo Ohno and Michael Strahan? We’re going to keep it underground."

Really, the whole interview is worth a read. Choi and Patterson talk frankly about the money side of things, their ongoing R&D, and where the profit from the restaurant will actually go. Love or hate the Loco'l concept, it's always nice to see two people talk passionately about a community-focused project.

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