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Sushi Nozawa Folks Bringing Sugarfish to South Lake Ave in Pasadena

Sushi for all!

Sugarfish Santa Monica
Sugarfish Santa Monica

The world could always use a bit more high-quality sushi. And, if your world is contained mostly by the city limits of Pasadena, you're about to get some.

Per this ABC license, the well-known Sushi Nozawa fish folks are making a move for Pasadena, opening up at The Commons on South Lake Avenue, nearby the effortlessly popular Lemonade. It's a shopper's paradise over that way, with lots of foot traffic, so there should be plenty of excited diners ready to walk in and chow down.

Though the DBA for the 41 Beer and Wine license lists the name as simply Sushi Nozawa, insiders say that the space will actually be another outpost of Sugarfish, that celebrity-spotting mini-chain with existing locations in places like Brentwood, Downtown, Santa Monica, and Marina Del Rey.

No further word on an opening date, but the ABC paperwork is already hanging for all to see. Don't expect to have to wait long for Sugarfish to become one of the best sushi spots in all of Pasadena. Just make sure you're pronouncing the name right.


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