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Salt's Cure Moves to Highland, Pushing Ammo Over to Melrose

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It's a double-switcheroo along Highland.

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Salt's Cure, West Hollywood
Salt's Cure, West Hollywood
Salt's Cure
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So the Salt’s Cure team has finally decided to expand, but not in the way you might be thinking. Rather than move into a second space while keeping the original (tiny) location intact, Chris Phelps and Zak Walters are pushing all-in on one new, larger spot on Highland Avenue in Hollywood, in what is currently Ammo restaurant.

Since opening in 2010, Salt’s Cure has become one of the city’s best and most consistent neighborhood restaurants, doing bonkers brunch numbers while maintaining a steady dinner presence in West Hollywood — all with only 34 seats.

With the Ammo location, seating will more than double, plus they'll have a patio and full bar, along with more space in the kitchen. Salt's Cure will still be doing weekday breakfast, lunch and daily dinners, with their ever-popular brunch available on weekends. As for timing, look for a fall arrival; Ammo has always been a wonderful space in its own right, so there’s no real need for a full interior tear-down. Spacecraft Design Group will helm the nip and tuck, though, which should help to bring the Salt's Cure sensibility to the new space.

Speaking of which: what’s happening with Ammo? The upscale casual restaurant isn’t going away, per se, they’re just moving to a new location as well. Their upcoming turn takes over Gang Nam Tofu just east of La Brea on Melrose, and represents a marked shift towards more takeout and delivery fare. It’s a much, much smaller space and will no longer include table service — just takeaway options for all-day diners.

It’s a surprising and swift end for Ammo’s longtime location on Highland, which first opened in 1996, but Amy Sweeney’s team seems no worse for wear. Their location at the Hammer Museum is still going strong, and by using the same design team as with their other restaurants (Commune Design Group) there shouldn’t be too much of a change in aesthetic inside the new space, or menu — they’re keeping most of the favorites, just making them available for delivery or takeaway.

Ammo leaves in August, and Salt’s Cure arrives in early fall.

Salt's Cure

7494 Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA 90046 323-850-7258


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