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Jeni's Finds Listeria In Production Facility Again, Shutters All Scoop Shops Indefinitely

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A tough setback for the Ohio brand.

Jeni's, Los Feliz
Jeni's, Los Feliz
Wonho Frank Lee
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More scary (and sad) listeria news out of the Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams camp today: as with a few weeks ago, the Ohio-based ice cream maker has had to completely shut down their operation (scoop shops and all) after traces of the frightening bacteria were found in batches of their ice cream.

To their credit, the hardworking team has done a respectable job of keeping the public informed about any and all changes to their production process, offering timely updates to their legions of fans across America. They’re also quick to note that every batch of scoop shop ice cream and in-store pints that went out following their initial $2.5 million overhaul was tested and found to be free from listeria, meaning none of the tainted batches ever left the facility.

Still, it’s a back-to-back blow for the beloved ice creamery, which had prior to their previous outbreak kicked into high gear with their expansion plans, which included dropping a pricey new Los Feliz location right on Hillhurst.

The Jeni’s team so far has no timetable for when they’ll reopen.

Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams

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