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These Are the Biggest Filipino Names Cooking in Los Angeles Today

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Philippine magazine Rogue takes a look.

Chad and Chase Valencia
Chad and Chase Valencia
Marciel Sison

Rogue Magazine, one of the Philippines’ leading luxury print publications, decided to take a closer look at the rise of Filipino influence within the LA food scene. It’s a very of-the-moment topic too, as the flavors from the island nation continue to make inroads all across America, from New York to Austin to Seattle.

The in-depth Rogue piece from writer Patrick Green and photographer Steve Tirona showcases some of Los Angeles’ biggest Filipino culinary talents, including names like restaurateur Andre Guerrero (Oinkster, Maximiliano, Little Bear) and pop-up maestros Chad and Chase Valencia, whose LASA dinners at Elysian in Frog Town have been making waves. The Parks Finest team is also well represented, as is Margarita Manzke of Republique and Gary Menes from Le Comptoir.

Check out the full, colorful piece here for a look at the growing number of influential Filipino chefs, bakers, and restaurant owners helping to shape LA’s food scene.

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