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Chengdu Taste 3 Opens to Massive Lines in Rowland Heights

Chef Xu announces no further expansion plans at the moment.

Tony Xu

Chengdu Taste 3, originally announced in March, has officially opened in Rowland Heights. The restaurant sits in HK Plaza, which hosts HK2 Market and another Szechuan style hot pot restaurant.

The plaza been a popular site for Taiwanese eateries for decades. With the recent closure of Good Time and Supreme Dragon, the plaza is also going through culinary shifts towards other Chinese cuisines just like the West SGV.

The interior was excuted by JIS Design, which was also responsible for the fascinating decor at Chuan's. Diners can get their dan dan noodles and more delivered by Gesoo and TOGO626. Reservations are available at the third branch, just like they are at the second branch in Rosemead.

Per Tony Xu, the previously considered upcoming locations in the Bay Area and Irvine are all on hold at the moment. Due to a human resources shortage and personal stress, Xu will be focusing his whole attention in LA County for the moment. When asked if there are any plans to reverse-expand into Sichuan, Xu simply answered: "America is my new homeland."

Chengdu Taste 3
18406 E Colima Road #A
Rowland Heights, CA