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Szechuan Impression Gets a Patio; Alhambra Lands Langzhou Ramen

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Blackball comes to SGV.

Tony Chen

1) Alhambra: The long-awaited patio section of Szechuan Impression has finally opened. The outdoor space increases the restaurant's seating by a third, but cuts the chance of the Sichuanese star eatery getting an alcohol license to just about zero. Unfazed, the team has decked out the space with hip succulents and heat lamps so Angelenos won't freeze during "winter". 1900 W. Valley Blvd.

2) Rosemead: Rice Yummy has taken over Sunday Bistro. The latter was a Cantonese cafe, while Rice Yummy seems to be serving only Shanghainese fare. This marks the second Shanghainese restaurant to open in SGV in as many months, which could spell a mid-year shift in Chinese cuisine for the area. 8801 Valley Blvd.

3) San Gabriel: A new Taiwanese sweets shop is taking over the old Cantonese food hall of Tasty Dessert. Blackball, founded in 2006, offers nearly 30 branches in Taiwan and other unlikely locales such as Brunei; most notably, they serve the popular herbal dessert known as black grass jelly. Construction is ongoing and management has not announced opening date despite a current hiring phase. 250 W Valley Blvd., Ste A

4) Alhambra: China Tasty has been flipped from a Pan-Chinese restaurant to a Langzhou la mian noodle house. The interior is completely unchanged, but the menu now focuses on seven types of vastly different soup bases (from vegetarian to pork bone broth), plus four types of housemade noodles. 1308 E Valley Blvd

5) Alhambra: After several flips in as many years, Sizzling King has closed. No new restaurant has been announced, but the location certainly seems haunted as of late. 525 W. Valley Blvd.

6) San Gabriel: Previously announced Hong Sam Korean BBQ has opened at the old Fuji West location. As of now, there's no news on whether or not the displaced Burmese restaurant will reopen elsewhere. 927 E Las Tunas Dr Ste K

7) Temple City: Wonder Seafood, a Cantonese restaurant focused on dim sum, has taken over Green Island after almost no renovations. 9556 Las Tunas Dr

8) El Monte: Banh Mi Che Cali is definitely focused on SGV expansion after completely saturating Little Saigon. The latest location is in far-flung El Monte, more known for menudos than pho. The restaurant has also taken on a new moniker, with signage showing "BMC Pho" instead of Banh Mi Che Cali. However, there are still banh mi sandwiches and Vietnaese desserts available, in addition to sit-down pho service. 11840 Valley Blvd.