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Errant Driver Destroys Front of Mid-City Chipotle, Sending Eight to the Hospital

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A scary scene off Venice Blvd.

A Chipotle in Mid-City
A Chipotle in Mid-City
Farley Elliott

The driver of a late model Mercedes Benz crashed into the front of a Chipotle in Mid-City Friday afternoon, injuring eight. The surprising (and scary) incident happened on the third floor open air parking lot of a commercial development located at the intersection of San Vicente and Venice Blvd.

The corner Chipotle location at the Midtown Crossing development in Mid-City seems particularly vulnerable to just such an accident, as the entrance and exit ramp to the lower parking floors is just steps away from the front door of the restaurant. Luckily, the sedan did not actually pierce through the glass frontage of the eatery, instead side-swiping the place along the front door.

Still, a family of four eating inside was sent to the hospital with minor injuries, as were four other separate victims with various (non-life threatening) ailments. One person was initially pinned beneath the vehicle.

First responders (and news crews) arrived on the scene quickly, and within minutes the victims were being tended to and the restaurant was evacuated and taped off. Damage to the Chipotle is considered to be mostly superficial, though there’s no timetable for its return.

Midtown Crossing

4550 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90019

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