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Sonoritas Prime Tacos Now Grilling Fresh Carne Asada on Sawtelle

Craving steak tacos? Sonoritas Prime Tacos has you covered .

Sonoritas Prime Tacos
Sonoritas Prime Tacos

West LA officially gains Sonoritas Prime Tacos, which soft opened last Friday. The taqueria is influenced by Mexico's carne asada and meat capital, Sonora, and will feature filet mignon and ribeye tacos, handmade corn tortillas, and other items cooked on a mesquite grill. Also, you can look forward to organic, seasonal dishes with salsas made from scratch.

The interior design contains Mexican pop art with a reclaimed wood ceiling and a seating area with marble tables that overlooks the mesquite grill. Besides steak tacos, Sonoritas will offer vegan, salmon, and al pastor tacos with a unique spicy pineapple sauce, plus innovative desserts like red velvet churro ice cream. Here is the rest menu to check out:

Hours of operation will be from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m., Tuesday to Sunday. Sonoritas Prime Tacos should bring something new and definitely non-Asian to a neighborhood recently dubbed Sawtelle Japantown.

Sonoritas Prime Tacos

2004 Sawtelle Boulevard, , CA 90025 (310) 444-9100 Visit Website