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Is McCall's Making a Move For Another Space Along Hillhurst in Los Feliz?

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A rumor that just might be real.

San-Sui, Los Feliz
San-Sui, Los Feliz
Farley Elliott is the Senior Editor at Eater LA and the author of Los Angeles Street Food: A History From Tamaleros to Taco Trucks. He covers restaurants in every form, from breaking news to the culture, people, and history that surrounds LA's dining landscape.

Longtime Los Feliz butcher/bakeshop McCall's Meat and Fish Co. could be angling for a serious land grab along Hillhurst. At least that's what some paperwork filed with the state seems to indicate.

2040 Hillhurst is the current home of San-Sui, a self-styled Japanese country cuisine restaurant with a leafy patio and active beer and wine license. However, as of Friday, that same address now populates another (pending) Type 41 license for on-site beer and wine — and Nathan McCall's name is all over it.

Furthermore, the limited liability company that's taking over the beer and wine license sports the name L'Ami Restaurant, which certainly sounds like a change of concept for what is currently San-Sui. Oh, and that LLC? It's registered address with the state points to... yep, McCall's Meat and Fish Co.

So, assuming the McCall's team is after said space just down the way from their current location, what's the plan? A Type 41 license is meant for an actual restaurant (not just a takeaway shop), so perhaps they'll put that patio to good use by offering steaks and seafood from their sister shop? Something along the lines of a Belcampo in Santa Monica, perhaps?

Eater reached out to San-Sui and McCall's directly, but so far hasn't heard back.


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