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Detailed Look at The Walker Inn, Eagle Rock Sizzler Dunzo, and More Intel From Around LA

Plus how LA destroyed the poor bacon-wrapped hot dog.

The Walker Inn
The Walker Inn
Walker Inn
Matthew Kang is the Lead Editor of Eater LA. He has covered dining, restaurants, food culture, and nightlife in Los Angeles since 2008. He's the host of K-Town, a YouTube series covering Korean food in America, and has been featured in Netflix's Street Food show.

Starting today, Eater LA will offer a quick-hitting morning briefing on the city's culinary activities, restaurant news that wouldn't warrant its own entire post, and sometimes, just fun things from social media.

— The LA Times does a stream of turn-by-turn style review of The Walker Inn, the hard-to-get-into omakase cocktail spot deep inside the Hotel Normandie. The only photo is an obvious cell phone snap, a stealthy move since the reservations-recommended bar behind The Normandie Club strictly forbids the taking of photographs. Oh poor cocktails, how will anyone know they exist if no one Instagrams them? In the end, the Times concludes that the liquid dinner is "money well spent." $45 for two drinks. Hm. [Daily Dish]

— Someone has created a very necessary @dogsofsqirl Instagram account.

Humphrey. 2.5 years old.

A photo posted by @dogsofsqirl on

— The massive Sizzler in Eagle Rock will soon be demolished to make way got it, more apartments. The bastion of populist American cooking (with those cheap, rubbery steaks and AYCE salad bar) will make way for some overpriced apartments. The locals who pine for more of that hours-old spaghetti and hardshell build-your-own tacos can venture over to Los Feliz, where Sizzler still commands a presence over the Costco across the street. [The Eastsider]

— Josiah Citrin, chef at Melisse, tweeted at ESPN's Colin Howherd to come check out the Santa Monica fine dining restaurant. Will a sports radio guy really shell out $275 for a tasting menu?

— Matthew Biancaniello resurfaced at The Fat Dog in North Hollywood, and all the city's cocktailians were all over the creative bartender's market-driven drinks. Consider this white fir infused tequila (bet the Wildlings would never drink that) topped with whole padron peppers. #eatyourdrink

Munchies has some biting commentary on how LA bastardized the bacon-wrapped hot dog, which has its real origins in Mexico, in the state of Sonora, in the city of Hermosillo. It wasn't enough that LA also "modified" the burrito and taco. A true Sonoran-style "dogo" has guac, salsas, beans, tomato, heck even crushed Ruffles chips. People can be purists on just about anything these days. [Munchies]

LA Weekly thinks Jewish delis are dying, and some of them are. But places like Langer's still produce some of the best pastrami on planet Earth. Word on the street is that Wexler's, whose popular Grand Central Market stand, is plotting some kind stand-alone shop somewhere else in town. Billy's in Glendale would be low-hanging fruit, as would Solley's. Any other ideas where you think Wexler's would flourish?

— If you haven't noticed, it's LA Beer Week. For something a little more out there, check out The Doughroom's Saturday beer bonanza, which is offering a tap takeover of FiftyFifty brewing starting at 12 p.m.

LAist has a sampling of food and performance pairings to try at The Hollywood Bowl this summer. If you haven't gotten drunk on cheap canned (or box) wine at the Hollywood Bowl during the warm months, you'd be hard pressed to call yourself a true Angeleno. So pair up Smokey Robinson's craggy tunes with some of Joe's BBQ baby back ribs and giant turkey legs on July 2. Thanks to the Patina Group's new one-off dinners, you can now skip the picnic basket. And actually, you can certainly upgrade your wine game. [LAist]

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