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Phoenix Pizza Maestro Chris Bianco Cooks at Union in Pasadena Next Month

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With documentary screening included.

Bruce Kalman at Union
Bruce Kalman at Union
Wonho Frank Lee

One of the nation’s most respected pizzaiolos is coming to Pasadena next month — but not for pizza. Chris Bianco of Phoenix’s famed Pizzeria Bianco will be on hand for one night only — July 20 at Bruce Kalman’s Union — for a family-style dinner with proceeds going to benefit Pasadena Community Gardens.

Kalman himself is a longtime lover of all things garden and grain, working extensively with local farmers and millers like Grist & Toll to make his unique brand of northern Italian dishes. With Bianco on board, the plan is to serve up a big ol’ party that focuses on heirloom and variety grains.

The menu will work through opening antipasti and charcuterie, then hit all the favorites: handmade pasta, a sharable grain salad, and an as-of-yet unnamed main course, all served up for large groups to enjoy, and with dessert to follow. Of course, there will be lots of wine as well.

The July 20 event is part of Union’s ongoing Grain Dinner series, and will also feature a screening of the documentary The Grain Divide. Dinner kicks off at 6:30 p.m., followed by the screening, and costs $200 a head. Contact the restaurant directly to make a reservation.

Union Restaurant

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