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Downtown's Doomed Los Angeles Brew Co. Transitions to LA Biergarten

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Looks like Downtown LA’s craft beer scene gets stronger.

Remember when Bar Rescue tried to revive downtown's LA Brew Co. this season? With luck, it'll now revamp as LA Biergarten (no relation to Koreatown's long-standing Biergarten). Get excited for an actual 100 different beers on tap (BrewCo had the taps but didn't utilize all of them) and look forward to a German beer house vibe with a plethora of international and local craft beers. Naturally, they'll feature a beer garden, perfect for hop enthusiasts to socialize in open air.

The main dining room will possess big screen TVs for sports and plenty of seating, including a beer tower housing the cold draft beers. Besides quenching your thirst, typical German foods like sausages, schnitzels, and beer pairings will show up on the bill of fare, although the menu hasn't been finalized.

In addition, non-beer drinkers can hang out in the Whiskey Bar in the upper mezzanine. This part of the restaurant will have a different feel, where brown liquor aficionados can  enjoy a variety of whiskey selections.

An opening date hasn't been confirmed, but the permits and licenses are in progress. Finally, if all goes according to plan, an annual Oktoberfest celebration will be one of the restaurant's main events.

Los Angeles Brewing Company

750 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90014