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Civil Coffee Giving Away Absolutely Free Drinks Tomorrow in Highland Park

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Free! Free! Free!

The future home of Civil Coffee and site of their weekend free pop-ups
The future home of Civil Coffee and site of their weekend free pop-ups
David Maziarz
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Yes, today is National Donut Day. But tomorrow, in Highland Park at least, is free coffee day.

That’s because Civil Coffee, the once-mobile pouring operation that’s since set itself into an as-yet-to-come storefront in Highland Park, is giving away free cups of joe from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. It won’t be hard to find them, either — the pop-up free-for-all is going down at 5629 N. Figueroa St, which happens to also be the home of their forthcoming brick and mortar.

Founded by brothers Alex and Alan Morales, who previously spent time under Tyler Wells at Handsome Coffee (Wells is now a consultant on this project), Civil Coffee plans to be a multi-roaster coffee shop tucked right into the heart of Highland Park, which of late has become a hotbed of specialty coffee unto itself.

The shop has plans to open later this summer, but in the meantime their mobile coffee cart will be popping up at local events and doing free coffee giveaways (espresso drinks too!) every Saturday in June in front of their future home.

Civil Coffee
5629 N. Figueroa St.
Highland Park, CA