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The 20 Hottest Restaurants in Las Vegas Right Now, June 2015

The latest from Sin City, just in time for the weekend.


This here is Sin City Wrap, a weekly recap of notable Las Vegas goings on from Eater Vegas.

LAS VEGAS— In a city all about glitz and glam, it's important to stay on the cusp of what's trending. To help you stay in the know of the hottest restaurants in Sin City, here are the 20 hottest restaurants in Las Vegas, June 2015 edition.

LAS VEGAS— Chef Rick Moonen is doubling as a restaurant critic for the Las Vegas Weekly. His most recent review takes on Georges LaForge's Pamplemousse. The chef-turned-critic digs the foie gras, osso bucco, and duck, and wishes more people would see the value in the classic restaurant.

SOUTHEAST— Ever-changing Town Square is getting three new restaurants: LA's own Killer Shrimp, health-conscious Neche, and classic Mexican restaurant Adobe Gilas. More info here.

THE STRIP— Supposed inventor of buffalo chicken wings, Anchor Bar, will open its first Vegas outpost at the Grand Central Shoppes on Wednesday, June 17. Check out the full menu.