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Auntie Em's Kitchenette Toggles Into New Location After Just Three Months in Downtown

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A quick, sudden swap.

Two Bits Market, Downtown
Two Bits Market, Downtown
Two Bits Market

From a speedy April 10 debut Downtown to today, that’s exactly 83 days — barely enough time for the paint to dry on Auntie Em’s Kitchenette 2.0. And yet, the LA Times says the Eagle Rock mainstay is moving their second location just down the way to yet another new address, and frankly it sounds like a great idea.

Per the Times, Auntie Em’s is taking over the former Two Bits Market location on 5th Street, which is right across the street from the effortlessly Instagrammable Last Bookstore. That’s a great area for foot traffic already, and made all more appealing by an existing on-site liquor license.

To that end, the Auntie Em’s team plans to expand their hours to keep the same daytime feel, while adding in some of the market components of Two Bits. They’ll also be doing an after-dark dinner series on site, post 4 p.m., and rumor has it a few of the most popular dishes from Two Bits will be added to the menu for Auntie Em’s as well.

It’s actually going to be a rather easy transition, all told, since Brandi Lozano Miller (she, along with Terri Wahl, are the forces behind Auntie Em’s downtown) is already the name in charge of Two Bits. That makes the maneuver more of a signage swap than anything.

Following a shutdown announcement on Facebook made on June 28 for Two Bits Market, it seems that Auntie Em’s will take over and open for business by July 5. If that reads like an unreasonably fast turnaround, just remember: these ladies move quickly.

Auntie Em's Kitchenette

116 E 5th St, Los Angeles, CA 90013

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