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Sidecar Donuts and Mendocino Farms Tracking For Fall Openings in Santa Monica

Plus stylish Juice Served Here.

Local developer Pacshore Partners renovated the old Art Deco building on the corner of 7th and Wilshire, transforming it into a lively, airy space that reflects its "everything local" theme. In rejecting corporate tenants, the developers have offered independent local eateries the opportunity to keep Santa Monica full of unique, appealing storefronts. As an extra attraction, local artist Bumblebeelovesyou recently completed a new and colorful mural on the side of the building.

Mendocino Farms will have an outdoor patio and is slated to open sometime in the fall. Sidecar Donuts is projected to open in August and while the aesthetics will be different than their Costa Mesa location, it will still have the same community feel as their flagship shop. Juice Served Here hopes to open in early September with custom furniture and a beautiful inset patio, which reflect their other location's décor. Here is a rendering shot of what their interior will look like.

Santa Monica will continue to thrive with these delicious new additions and will be a one-stop shop for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for both locals and visitors alike.