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Put on Your Stretchy Pants: LA Street Food Fest Is Back This Weekend

What delicious dishes are you looking forward to?

LA Street Food Fest

The annual LA Street Food festival returns to the Rose Bowl tomorrow, highlighting over 100 of L.A.'s most well-known (and delicious) vendors. The ever-increasing lineup includes top chefs and award-winning restaurants, plus gourmet food trucks and a glut of old-school carts and stands. As per last year, there are plans for six craft beer gardens, plus wine stations, craft cocktail bars, a tequila tasting tent, and even an ice cream social area.

Many new names are hitting the field at Pasadena's Rose Bowl this year, including Osso, IMLI, Berliners, Tacoteca, Sweetfin Poké, Scratch Bar, Bachi Burger, and more. Of course, the usual run of taco trucks, Mexican tostada legends, and long-running gourmet trucks will be on hand as well; check out the complete list here.

One heads up: new hours for the event are 3 p.m. to 8 p.m., and yes, organizers have once again made the Rose Bowl field available for lounging. That's important, because the grass makes for a pretty wonderful (and necessary) place to digest and regroup, before heading back for seconds and thirds. A map of the event can be found on their website.

Also, it's important to note that a limited amount of tickets will be available at the door for the first time. So, if you forgot to grab a ticket beforehand, better arrive early and hope for the best.

Rose Bowl Loop

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