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BREAKING: Hakkasan Closing This Weekend in Beverly Hills

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An abrupt shutter for the glitzy Chinese restaurant.

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Hakkasan, Beverly Hills
Hakkasan, Beverly Hills
Elizabeth Daniels
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Despite its Borg-like presence in the club and lounge circuit, gobbling up competitors like h.wood Group with ease, it seems that Hakkasan the restaurant just couldn’t hold on.

Big news is still trickling out, but an email passed around from the higher-ups at Hakkasan say that Saturday night will be the last evening of service for the Beverly Hills haunt, which had been plagued by middling reviews ever since it opened.

In the note to staff, president Nick McCabe says that as a brand in Beverly Hills Hakkasan was underperforming, and that they’ve instead decided to "realign" by focusing on local clubbier outlets like Blind Dragon, Bootsy Bellows, and The Nice Guy. This would match up with rumors crossing the desert from Las Vegas that say the Hakkasan there isn’t doing quite so hot financially, either.

Still, it’s a sudden end to a Beverly Hills spot that had been around for just under two years — they’re even still in the process of running a pretty good dineLA deal at the moment. So, you've got three more days to have a $50 prix fixe before they shut off the lights in 90210. There was no mention of re-branding the space, though McCabe mentioned that current staffers will have an opportunity to find a job at another position within the group.

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