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Hermanos Coffee Brews Up a Brick and Mortar Location in Mid-Wilshire

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The new shop just opened.

Hermanos Coffee logo
Hermanos Coffee logo
Hermanos Coffee
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There’s a new coffee shop on the mid-Wilshire block, thanks to industry vets Damon White and Wayne Rambharose. Dubbed Hermanos Coffee, the dual-headed logo now peeks out from under an awning on the side of a small one-story building along San Vicente Boulevard, and apparently there’s a lot going on inside.

Per this post from lifestyle brand Union, it seems that the Hermanos Coffee is not only brand new — as of a week or so ago —but they’re also pouring Stumptown and Supersonic Coffee from Berkeley. What’s better: their pastry case is filled with stuff from none other than Nicole Rucker and the Cofax team.

White last popped up a few years back as one of the partners in San Francisco’s Otis, an exclusive club spot that has since closed. As for Rambharose, the East Coast entrepreneur had plans last year to open a Southeast Asian eatery called Wallflower on Rose Avenue in Venice, but those appear to have stalled — or at least slowed way, way down.

Apparently, the Hermanos Coffee team spent time as a mobile coffee cart before expanding into their brick and mortar on the corner of San Vicente and Carmona, and those dreams aren’t dead yet. There are plans, they say, for a second location in Culver City and a mobile pop-up at the Standard (though there’s already pretty good coffee on site there). Regardless, the new shop is open now, keeping hours from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m., Tuesday through Sunday.

Hermanos Coffee
5616 San Vicente Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA