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Atticus Creamery & Pies Now Serving Sweets, Pies, and Ice Cream in Mid-City

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With a sleeper location in West LA, this one is much more visibly located.

Atticus Creamery & Pies, West Third
Atticus Creamery & Pies, West Third

Atticus, which had been open since last year across the Westside Pavillion, has opened an offshoot in Mid-City serving a similar menu of ice cream, pies, and sweets just steps from the Pan Pacific Park. This new one is dubbed Atticus Creamery & Pies, right to Fiddler's Bistro and boasting a nice patio that overlooks Third Street.

At the moment, they're serving Stumptown Coffee, with the usual slate of lattes, drip coffee, espresso, and even cold brew. As for sweets, there are a number of fruit and sweet pies, toasts made to order, plus ice cream in sandwiches, waffle cones, and via milkshakes. The grand opening doesn't take place until next month, but the place is soft serving at the moment.

Atticus Coffee & Dessert
6015 W. 3rd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90036

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