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Seems Like Nobody Wants Brilliantshine's Former Digs in Santa Monica

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Not even with a price reduction?

The former Brilliantshine in Santa Monica
The former Brilliantshine in Santa Monica
Elizabeth Daniels

It’s a sad state of affairs over at 522 Wilshire Boulevard in Santa Monica, the former home of wonderful bar Brilliantshine. The cocktail-focused hotspot couldn’t manage to survive the year, the victim of a partner split that absolutely decimated the place.

Now the bar/restaurant location is back on the market, courtesy of Alfred Realty, and with a big ol’ price reduction because apparently they can’t even beg the place off on somebody at this point.

For a while, there was talk of a rebrand that would turn Brilliantshine into a divey sort of spot, but that didn’t pan out. Then it seemed that a no-frills white tarpaulin sign over the entrance meant a newcomer would be taking over — one Wooded Hollow bar, complete with chicken quesadillas and mac & cheese balls z— but even that has failed to really materialize. And so for now, there's nothing.

It’s a sad, sad end for what was momentarily one of Santa Monica’s most exciting cocktail programs. But for anyone in the mood to take on an indoor/outdoor spot with a full 47 license and a troubled past, it could turn into a win. Asking price is now $350K for the nearly 2,700 square foot spot (not including the big patio), with a 6.5 year lease and monthly rent of almost $14,500.

Oh, and it’s available now.

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