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L.A. In-N-Out Location Accused of Dropping Meth in Customer's Fountain Soda

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There is, of course, a lawsuit.

Signage at the In-N-Out in Downey, CA
Signage at the In-N-Out in Downey, CA

Forget the Breaking Bad references; one L.A. area fast food customer is suing In-N-Out for apparently dropping a couple of methamphetamine capsules in his fountain soda.

The whole thing allegedly went down in the Los Angeles suburb of Downey, when customer Fred Maldonado ordered up a meal and a drink from the fast food hotspot, but fell ill not long after eating. Upon inspection, Maldonado claims to have discovered two small capsules full of meth at the bottom of his cup, wrapped in a napkin.

Astonished at the discovery, Maldonado returned to the scene of the drop and confronted the manager, earning himself a free burger in the process. Apparently that wasn’t enough though, as Maldonado left to to have the capsules tested, which is how they were determined to be not only filled with meth, but illegal meth at that.

In the suit, Maldonado says he was nauseated and distressed at the discovery, and is seeking some unspecified amount of damages. In-N-Out, for their part, denies the claim, and says they’ll fight the lawsuit in court.

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