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ediBOL, an Heirloom Grain-Based Bowl Contender Hitting the Arts District

Are bowls the new black?

Apparently bowls are the next big thing, as another fast casual bowl concept will be doling out heirloom grains in the hippest way to serve seasonal produce. Enter ediBOL, a sleek new bowl-centric concept that will join Café Gratitude in the sprawling mixed-used Arts District community One Santa Fe.

Owner Andrea Uyeda cut her teeth working graveyard shifts at a local bakery while attending Princeton, and moved on to co-own The Border Grill truck, catering operation, and restaurant over the span of 18 years. ediBOL is a passion project for Uyeda, a realization of her desire to share her family's way of eating: bowls filled with Japanese rice, like ediBOL's heirloom Kokuho Rose, fresh produce, and flavorful proteins.

The airy space fits right in with the clean, industrial look that is beginning to define the Arts District. Slate walls are warmed up with pops of teal and navy that make the restaurant feel very of-the-moment. Glass walls open up to a cozy patio that will surely be a welcome addition to the sunny space.

The menu gives Downtown denizens exactly what they seen to want: heirloom grains topped with organic vegetables and served with a touch of Asian flair. Here options like the BOLicious with umami fried heirloom rice, seared greens, pickled tomatoes, crispy poached egg, and homemade togarashi can be topped with things like garlic and herb beef or seared garlic shrimp. It's a nice option for those looking to amp up the protein in their meal. This all-day eatery will also offer a selection of approachable brunch favorites like cheddar buttermilk biscuits with scrambled eggs; and roasted garlic and herbed pork hash served, of course, in bowls.

Although the exact date is unknown, ediBOL will open sometime next week. The hours will be 8 a.m. Monday to Friday for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and 10 a.m. Saturday and Sunday for brunch and dinner.

300 S Santa Fe Ave Suite Q
Los Angeles, CA 90013