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Strand Brewing Doubles Production Space With New Facility in Torrance

Coming in a few months.

Strand Brewing bottles
Strand Brewing bottles
Strand Brewing

Strand Brewing in Torrance is growing up.

Not that they’re young, exactly. The longtime South Bay craft beer brewery is among the first to really help solidify Los Angeles’ now-booming beer scene. It’s just time for them to do a little expanding.

According to the LA Times, that means a fancy new 36,000 square foot facility, capable of handling their larger production needs while offering the kind of foot traffic that their taproom deserves.

As Strand has continued to climb, the need for more elbow room has only become more apparent. With the new brewing space, co-founder Rich Marcello says he should be able to jump to 9,000 barrels (they currently brew around 4,000 annually), and should be able to expand their footprint to northern California while canning many of their most popular beers.

Though a far cry from the massive new facility that Lagunitas is planning to put into Azusa, the larger brewery is still a welcome site for the craft beer market in L.A. The relocation will also put Strand within spitting distance of some of Torrance’s other more popular breweries like Monkish — even as yet still more breweries like State Brewing and Phantom Carriage pop up in less-trafficked areas nearby.

Strand Brewing Upcoming Location
2201 Dominguez St.
Torrance, CA

Strand Brewing

23520 Telo Ave, Torrance, CA 90505 (310) 517-0900 Visit Website

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