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Studio City Can't Support Two Longtime Brit Pubs as King's Head Flips into Hyperion Public

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A second location for the Silver Lake brand.

The King's Head, Studio City
The King's Head, Studio City
Elizabeth Daniels
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One pint replaces another in Studio City with the upcoming demise of The King’s Head on Ventura Boulevard, which is set to be replaced by none other than Silver Lake’s Hyperion Public sometime down the line.

Don’t fret, historians — this is not the iconic Ye Olde King’s Head that currently operates out by the beach in Santa Monica; it’s a sister location of theirs, and has only been going since 2012. Still, a loss is a loss, and as this ABC license shows the place is soon to switch into pub 2.0 mode with the arrival of admittedly hipper Hyperion Public soon enough.

A call to the Studio City version of The King’s Head didn’t reveal much, but the Hyperion folks have confirmed the expansion, though there’s no set date for its arrival.

That should ultimately be good news for Studio City, as Hyperion is likely to bring with it an influx of younger drinkers and diners, watching football, spending money, and generally keeping the place afloat. It also means a menu upgrade, with more current-day pub fare on offer, plus taps that run with local craft beer.

As for The King’s Head on Ventura Blvd., it’s still up and running at the moment, showing Premier League games and all that. And when it inevitably gives way, there will still be longtime British favourite [spelling intended] The Fox and Hounds nearby.

Ye Olde King's Head

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