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Chicago's Bow Truss Coffee Plants Flag in the Heart of Beverly Hills

Another big name Chicago roaster has Los Angeles in its sights.

Bow Truss Coffee, Chicago Loop
Bow Truss Coffee, Chicago Loop
Bow Truss
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When one Chicago roaster decided to plant a flag in Los Angeles, it changed everything in the coffee scene. That was Intelligentsia back in 2007, but another Chicago roaster is coming West to make their mark: Bow Truss. The new-school roaster, which signed a lease in Beverly Hills earlier this month, plans to bring a bit of that pourover and lighter-roasted action to the 90210.

As for style, Bowtruss has a lot of that rustic charm that L.A. lost once Handsome Coffee was acquired by Blue Bottle. Much of the offerings are single origin in nature while the espresso program is minimalist, which means you probably won't get vanilla or caramel flavorings anywhere.

Bow Truss Beverly Hills Exterior

In terms of opening, owner Philip Tadros is looking to debut the space within 60 days, as all the construction approvals have come through pretty quickly. Located across the street from WME (that huge talent agency) and between Barney's NY and Mr. Chow, this might be the first forward-thinking coffee bar to open in the Golden Triangle. Bow Truss currently has five locations in the Chicago area, with many more in the Windy City in the works. This spot in Beverly Hills will be Bow Truss's first location outside of Illinois.

Bow Truss Coffee
340 N. Camden 
Beverly Hills, 90210