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Watch Josiah Citrin Shop, Curse, and Make Some Seriously Fantastic Salmon

"We have to be better today than we were yesterday."

Josiah Citrin can basically do whatever he wants, right? The two Michelin star-winning chef of Melisse and a bastion of Los Angeles' small fine dining community has earned the right to cook how he wants and yell at people to keep the doors closed if he damn well pleases, and that's exactly what he does in this fun video segment from Playboy (it's SFW).

Mostly, the video is about watching Citrin shop at the Santa Monica Farmer's Market and cook up some fantastic-looking fresh salmon, but even in those moment — Citrin saying he has no farm allegiances whatsoever, only an allegiance to the best produce — shows that he can basically do what he likes. And that's pretty great way to get to live.

Melisse Restaurant

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