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Reseda's Beloved Tel Aviv Grill Flips into DaBush Shawarma Almost Overnight

Tel Aviv heads to a new Tarzana location.

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DaBush Shawarma, Reseda
DaBush Shawarma, Reseda

Despite some other shortcomings, the Valley has always been stacked food-wise with a plethora of Middle Eastern options, from places like Hayat’s Kitchen to obscure Israeli pizza joints. One of Reseda’s most popular options was Tel Aviv Grill on Reseda Boulevard near Vanowen Street. Those guys moved recently, though, and in their place — and wasting no time, really — comes DaBush Shawarma.

From the look of things, DaBush could be picking up right where Tel Aviv Grill left off, supplying locals in Reseda with a steady stream of falafel, pita sandwiches, and more. In all it’s a pretty simple operation attached to a kosher market and next door to a Domino’s Pizza, but the kitchen certainly has the look of a place that can compete: wide bowls filled with fresh peppers and other ingredients; that thick, crispy-edged stack of shawarma in the back.

Of course, it’s worth noting that one of Israel’s most famous shawarma houses is also named Dabush. That one operates several locations across Israel, but it’s a fair assumption that their first U.S. expansion wouldn’t be in a strip mall in Reseda, making this one, at least in name, a knock-off.

And what of the displaces Tel Aviv Grill? They’ve made for better digs down in Tarzana on Ventura Boulevard, with a soft-opening only yesterday.

DaBush Shawarma
6846 Reseda Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA

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