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Ten Years In, Hollywood Burger Spot Lucky Devils Throws in the Towel

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A nice run for the place.

Lucky Devils, Hollywood
Lucky Devils, Hollywood

Ten years after landing in the heart of Hollywood with a mean burger menu, Lucky Devils has decided to call it quits. The once-popular joint situated right on Hollywood Boulevard thrived in the late 2000’s as Los Angeles (and many other cities) racked up gourmet burger place after gourmet burger place, eventually hoping to flip into a more all-around eatery. Now it seems to have unfortunately fallen by the wayside.

Also known as Lucky’s Tavern (thanks to a more recent refresh that focused on craft beer and on-tap wines), the place was always a local hang for Hollywood denizens lacking a wealth of other casual, non-touristy options in their own backyard.

But palates are changing (just like the neighborhood itself) and incoming Hollywood hotspots like Birch have been bringing an entirely different flair to the area. Yes, there are still a handful of nearby places for dining gastropub-style on the cheap, but overall the food scene in Hollywood is adapting to new flavors, ingredients, and menus.

Ultimately, that may have led to the downfall of this stalwart Hollywood haunt. A sign on the door thanks patrons for their decade-long run, but otherwise Lucky Devils is gone for good.

Lucky's Tavern

6613 Hollywood Blvd, , California 90028 (323) 465-8259 Visit Website

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