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Westbound Brings Travel Vibes and Up-Close Cooking to One Santa Fe

Coming soon.

Now that One Santa Fe is up and running (and apparently almost completely sold out, apartment-wise), the retail portion of the massive Arts District mixed-user is starting to really solidify. Yes, there’s already the healthy-eating ediBOL and the even-healthier-eating Cafe Gratitude, but that’s not stopping another full-service restaurant from entering the fray.

Here comes Westbound, a sit-down spot from owner Sarah Meade with plans to lean on a cocktail program and large patio space. The concept is to put diners in the front row of the chef experience, meaning they’ll get the chance to watch their food being made up close, like a high-end Benihana. Well, maybe not exactly like that, but you get the idea.

What’s more, the design of the space comes from Studio Collective and will pay homage to the torn-down history of the area, which was formerly a busy rail yard and train station. Much like the incoming Gardner Junction in Hollywood, the golden age of rail travel aesthetic could be put to good use.

No official word on when Westbound will come to be (the lease has only just been signed), but with more food concepts hitting sooner rather than later, expect a relatively quick turnaround on this one.

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