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Gigo's Cafe Owners Take Over Former Starry Kitchen Spot in Chinatown

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It's going down inside Grand Star Jazz Club.

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Grand Star Jazz Club, Chinatown
Grand Star Jazz Club, Chinatown

Starry Kitchen is gone and, after failing to meet their exceedingly ambitious crowdfunding goals, doesn’t have immediate plans to return (minus the occasional one-off pairing with UberEATS, it seems). So what is the Grand Star Jazz Club to do with its kitchen vacancy? Let someone else start cooking again, apparently.

That’s where Grand Star Bistro comes in. A Yelp review just popped up for the place at the old Starry Kitchen x Grand Star Jazz Club address, meaning the flames are once again lit inside the kitchen, and somebody’s turning out dishes. According to the lone Yelper, that would be the owners of nearby Gigo’s Cafe, who are pushing out simple hearty plates of Vietnamese food — as showcased by a photo of a bone-in pork chop over some broken rice.

There’s not much else to go on at the moment (calls to Grand Star were not returned) but it’s always nice to see a little life brought back to what was, for a time, one of Chinatown’s most promising dinner destinations.

Grand Star Jazz Club

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