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Korean Pizza Chain Mr. Pizza Replaces Joe’s in Westfield Century City

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Calling all bulgogi pizza lovers!

Mr. Pizza Century City
Mr. Pizza Century City

There's quite a bit of change underway at Westfield Century City. Most notably, the addition of the highly anticipated West Coast outlet of Mario Batali's food hall behemoth, Eataly

Whereas Eataly will certainly be the go-to place for classic Neapolitan pizza, there's a newcomer in town serving up something a little, well, less authentic. Mr. Pizza, the massive Seoul-based pizza chain that dominates the Korean and Chinese markets, will take over the Century City branch of New York-style pie joint Joe's Pizza, says Toddrickallen.

That means hungry shoppers can indulge in such creations as the signature Potato Gold pizza, laden with ground beef, corn, potato wedges, bacon, nacho chip flakes, and sour cream on a sweet potato crust. Yum? There's also bulgogi , Cajun shrimp , and Greek Gold pizza for all sorts of rather unconventional oddball hybrid creations.

Mr. Pizza will open in the food court sometime this fall, and joins LA locations in Koreatown and Little Tokyo.

Westfield Century City

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