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If You're Taller Than This Super Tall Austrian Chef, You Eat for Free

Here's the catch, you gotta be like, taller than Kobe Bryant.

Bernard Mairinger, chef at Bierbeisl Imbiss
Bernard Mairinger, chef at Bierbeisl Imbiss
Elizabeth Daniels

If you haven't noticed, Bierbeisl Imbiss's chef/owner Bernhard Mairinger is a really tall dude. Like, probably taller than 6 foot 6 inches, which means he can almost dunk on Kobe Bryant (actually, probably not). But Mairinger hovers around 6'7" (or 200 centimeters for you Europeans), which means you'll have to be at least as tall as Lebron James to look over the Austrian chef's head. If you are indeed taller than Mairinger, the affable chef will buy you a free lunch or dinner at his Downtown restaurant inside the Spring Arcade Plaza.

That means sausage, pretzel, and a mug of frosty beer for you ultra-tall people in the world. It's the same deal he used to offer at his Beverly Hills restaurant, so it's not a complete shocker. But it's a reminder that us short(er) people in the world don't get the privilege of dunking basketballs, blocking people in movie theaters, and eating free sausages at Bierbeisl.

In other Bierbiesl Imbiss news, the place will start offering a daily happy hour from 3 to 5 p.m. and beyond 10 p.m. (remember, they close at 2 a.m. every night!), which means $6 sausages, $4 Leberkas' semmerl (a veal loaf), $4 sides, and $5 ten-ounce drafts of beer. And if you're really looking for something special, as for the off-menu Austrian grilled cheese sandwich, using molltaler "butter" cheese on house-baked rye bread.

Bier Beisl Imbiss

541 S Spring St, Los Angeles, CA 90013 (213) 935-8035

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