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Verve Pulls Out of Highland Park, Domaine LA Adds Booze, More AM Intel

Plus, more Chengdu Taste love.

Verve Coffee, Downtown
Verve Coffee, Downtown
Elizabeth Daniels

Serious love for Chengdu Taste

The folks at Serious Eats made their way through Los Angeles not long ago, but Chengdu Taste seems to have particularly stuck with them. So much so, they're calling it America's best Sichuan restaurant in this handy how-to guide.

Verve pulls out of highly caffeinated Highland Park

With the focus now on their newest shop along Melrose in West Hollywood, news comes today that Verve Highland Park is no longer happening — or at least, not right now. Instead, the Santa Cruz-based company is focusing on bringing their Arts District roastery up to operating speed.

Will Domaine LA be your new liquor store stop, too?

Looks like it's coming soon enough.

Rawberri comes to Beverly Hills

Hate meat but love spending money in Beverly Hills? You're in luck, because Toddrickallen says that a Rawberri is coming that'a'way soon enough. Keep in mind, they already rock coconut water froyo and açai bowls in nearby West Hollywood.

Street food fight in Downtown

Border Grill Downtown continues their Latin-American street food fights tomorrow (September 1) from 4 p.m. onward, with $25 all-you-can-eat street food ($5 per plate if you want to go a la carte) from Spain, Colombia, El Salvador, and Peru. Which country's street food reins supreme? If you're just there to drink, cocktails run $7 each.

Culina does 50% Off September promotion

Looking to eat like a king, but at pauper prices? Culina at the Four Seasons is willing to help, with 50% off Tuesday dinners all through September. That's the entire menu, plus wine under $150 per bottle, for half off. You'll have to do some legwork though, by calling the restaurant directly at 310-860-4000 and mentioning offer code T50 when making a reservation in advance. Don't just show up expecting a deal.

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