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Bay Area's CREAM Drops Into Northridge With Massive Ice Cream Sandwich Giveaway

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A dessert shop dream come true.

Lines for CREAM at the recently-opened Irvine location
Lines for CREAM at the recently-opened Irvine location

Bay Area ice cream sandwich innovators CREAM (that’s Cookies Rule Everything Around Me, natch) have already begun making their mark on the Southland, with locations in Aliso Viejo, at the Irvine Spectrum, and nearby USC. Their next iteration will take the concept to Northridge of all places, with a planned opening set for Saturday, August 8.

The northerly outpost sits at 9000 Reseda Boulevard, and to celebrate the opening CREAM will be giving away loads of ice cream sandwiches; not a bad way to beat the weekend heat, especially in the part of the San Fernando Valley. Hours run from 2 p.m. to midnight on Saturday, and the CREAM team plans to give away north of 3,000 of their signature treats. Want to get your face painted (kids, adults, whatever)? You can do that too.

Following the opening party in Northridge, look for CREAM to keep much more reasonably daily afternoon and evening hours.

CREAM Northridge
9000 Reseda Blvd.
Northridge, CA

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