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Chengdu Taste's Fourth Outlet in San Gabriel Will Focus on Noodles

Tony Xu brings a new noodle concept to SGV.

Chengdu Taste, an essential Eater 38 LA restaurant, as well as the recently anointed "Best Sichuan Restaurant in America", is apparently on a renewed mission to expand.

Tony Xu just announced the location of his fourth eatery, and this one will be on the busiest stretch of Valley Blvd in San Gabriel. The restaurant will replace the short lived Chiliking Family, which was the second branch of Hunan Chili King. Chiliking Family took over the long time Cantonese diner Hong Kong Deli and shared the same plaza as Meilong Village, as well as the fabulous Man Chan Hainan chicken rice eatery.

Xu spoke of bringing Sichuan-style noodle dishes to LA prior to the opening of his second location in Rosemead, but the reality was the populace demanded more outlets, and less wait, for his larger-than-life Chengdu cooking. With the success of the third branch in Rowland Heights, and the high demand for young sister's diced rabbit throughout San Gabriel Valley, Xu decided it was time to reintroduce his concept of the Chengdu noodle house. The menu isn't finalized, but expect much more than just dandan mian and liang fen (mung bean jelly noodles).

One example of a new dish Xu is cooking up: mala Chongqing style "ramen", which will use locally-sourced alkaline salted fresh noodles with customizable additions of a dozen ingredients like scallions, garlic, various vegetables, and even fatback.

While the exceedingly busy chef recently declared his love of America, it is clear his new hometown is SGV. Despite repeated partnership offerings from afar, Xu's focus remains on the San Gabriel Valley and opening concepts here. Demolition of the old space began this week, but the build out should be swift, with the expected opening date currently set for the end of November.

Chengdu Taste #4
301 W Valley Blvd #115
San Gabriel, CA

Chiliking Family

301 W Valley Blvd, San Gabriel, CA 91776 (626) 289-3330