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Bucato Serving Its Last Cacio e Pepe This Sunday in Culver City

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Just four months after Evan Funke resigned.

Outside Bucato, Culver City
Outside Bucato, Culver City
Matthew Kang

Less than four months after Evan Funke's departure, Bucato's management will sunset the restaurant this Sunday after more than two years of operations. Rumors of the restaurant closure swirled around the community of Bucato regulars and employees after Labor Day Weekend, and a call to the restaurant last night confirmed the news.

Despite promoting long-time executive sous Colin Akiyama to head chef after Funke left, Bucato simply could not find the je ne sais quoi to fill the void left by the opening chef.

Bucato was one of the most highly anticipated openings in 2013, and it opened to rave reviews despite an awkward cell phone policy. After garnering a glowing review from Jonathan Gold, as well as winning a 10 Best New Restaurant award from Los Angeles Magazine, things seemed rather peachy and the restaurant marched on. There were even rumors of a second concept from Funke and Bucato's founder. Alas, the marriage didn't last and headed towards divorce earlier this year.

As for the newly installed executive chef Colin Akiyama, an original member of the #bucatokillteam, there is no news yet where he is headed, but it looks like Funke is still busy rolling pasta and giving the finger to pasta machines everywhere he goes.