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Cognoscenti Coffee Expanding Into Downtown Early Next Year

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A new full-fledged storefront for the Culver City coffee favorites.

Another day, another coffee shop. Or is it: another day, another Downtown development? This one’s got both, as the beloved Cognoscenti Coffee folks look to inhabit some space inside the new Level Tower mixed-user at 9th and Olive.

As first reported by Downtown hawk Brigham Yenthe Cognoscenti move is going to be a big one, with over 1,000 square feet plotted for some Olive Street frontage. The whole thing is settling in next to an also-inbound SoulCycle, which should be an immediate source of morning sales for the Culver City coffee specialists.

There’s no official date yet, but Yen seems to think the property, which only really started housing up back in June, won’t be ready for the coffee shop until early next year. Still, when it arrives expect Cognoscenti to be a major player in the South Park (and Downtown overall) coffee scene, considering their ambitious programs currently at work in Culver City and at Proof Bakery in Atwater.

Cognoscenti Coffee

6114 Washington Boulevard, , CA 90232 (310) 363-7325 Visit Website

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